Total Ink Studio | Online Designer & Business Automation – Total Ink Studio – Open Source Online Designer & Business Automation for the Print, Embroidery, and ASI Industry.

Introducing Total Ink Studio.

Empower Your Business with Open Source

Dive into Total Ink Studio, the premier FREE online product designer for the print & ASI industry.

 Seamlessly integrated with Opencart & Shopify.


  • No Contract, No Hidden Fees, FREE OPEN SOURCE
  • Includes online designer, Art pack, Client upload module, advanced text effects.
  • Compatible with any printing method or business type.
  • Fully customizable front-end and online designer to match your business needs.
  • Mobile friendly, multi-store, multi-currency and language.

Why Choose Total Ink Studio?

Stand out in a world of generic solutions with Total Ink Studio: the only advanced, free, open-source, and community-driven online product designer & business platform tailored for the printing, embroidery, and Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) industry.

Total Ink Studio includes an online designer, Advanced text effect engine, , Advanced distress and texture engine, Client upload image, 4000 premium multi layered ready to print SV clipart’s, With ability to add fonts, cliparts, bitmaps and much more.

You can transform your business into a seamless digital experience for you and your customers.

Made for Print & Embroidery​

Total Ink Studio supports DTG, screen printing, embroidery, transfer, vinyl, sublimation, and rhinestone. You set up your printing and pricing methods with our comprehensive pricing engine.

Unlimited Text Features

Total Ink Studio’s online designer features hundreds of pre-loaded fonts. It allows you total control over spacing, decoration, outlines, borders, and backgrounds plus provides access to “UNLIMITED” fancy text effects (curve, arc, bulge, bridge, valley and more).

Multi-Store and Micro-Store

You can manage multiple stores from a single pan of glass, with our comprehensive admin dashboard you can set different themes and localization for each store our platform also allows you to set up products just once and use them across multiple stores.

Advanced Texture & Distress Effect

Now your customer can apply a wide range of textures to their images, artworks, and text. These effects make the surface of the artwork resemble various materials, such as leather, mosaic tiles, and polished stone and more.

The world’s most advanced free open source product designer.

Total Ink studio is a user-friendly, flexible, and feature-rich online product designer that will let you place orders and make sales anytime, from anywhere in the world.

  • Compatible with any printing processes, including Direct to Garment (DTG), screen printing, embroidery, transfer, vinyl, sublimation, and rhinestone.
  • Gain easy access to the most comprehensive print-ready catalogs from the industry’s leading suppliers.
  • Includes mobile and tablet ready online designer so customers can design online on the go.
  • Easy to use apparel design tools on the website
  • Customize your product with design tools
Online Product Designer

Made For Printing & ASI Industry

Total Ink Studio stands out in the world of printables and Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) products. By harnessing the power of open source, it provides businesses an adaptable and ever-evolving platform. This transparency ensures that the platform remains at the forefront of industry trends and technological shifts.

The open source nature of Total Ink Studio allows for unparalleled customization. Businesses can tailor functionalities to match their specific needs, from defining product specifics to implementing unique pricing strategies. Moreover, the platform caters to a wide range of ASI product categories, ensuring versatility.

Additionally, Total Ink Studio prioritizes a smooth checkout experience. With customizable checkout conditions and multiple payment integrations, it guarantees user satisfaction. And for businesses looking to establish a robust online presence, it offers all the necessary tools to launch a dynamic print or ASI website.

Simplify Your Printing Workflows

Simplify Your Printing Workflows

Generic printing programs and simple online designers are not able to meet your complex business needs. Total Ink Studio is a smart platform that automates workflow from the sale to the production and even stock management.

We Built This With You

Total Ink Studio was built based on feedback from print, embroidery, and ASI shop owners. We know what you need because you told us. No matter how complex your printing or ASI business, we’ve got you covered!

Open Source and Business: A Synergy for Success

Open source refers to a model where software’s source code is freely available for the public to view, modify, and distribute. It represents a philosophy that promotes transparency, collaboration, and freedom.

But how does open source benefit businesses?

Cost-Efficient: Leveraging open-source software can significantly reduce costs. Instead of investing heavily in proprietary software, businesses can utilize open-source solutions, which are often free or available at a fraction of the price.
Customizability: With access to the source code, businesses can tweak software to suit their specific needs. This flexibility allows them to adapt tools and solutions to align perfectly with their operations.
Innovation: Open source thrives on collective brainpower. With a global community of developers contributing, open-source software tends to innovate rapidly. This continuous evolution ensures that businesses have access to the latest features and improvements.
Security: Contrary to misconceptions, open source can be as secure, if not more so, than proprietary software. With many eyes on the code, vulnerabilities are spotted and fixed quickly. Businesses can feel assured knowing they’re using secure and vetted solutions.
Freedom from Vendor Lock-in: Businesses aren’t tied down to a particular vendor with open source. They have the freedom to switch providers, services, or even develop in-house expertise to maintain and evolve their software.
Collaborative Community: Open source isn’t just about software; it’s about community. Businesses can tap into vast networks of experts, developers, and other enterprises for support, advice, or collaboration.

In essence, open source offers businesses a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem. By embracing it, businesses not only gain cutting-edge tools but also position themselves at the forefront of technological innovation.